venerdì 7 settembre 2012

Mirko and the Mantis

I'd got to ask a lot of things to Mirko, 7.5 years old. He and his her mother sent me 15 amazing shots of a Praying Mantis, taken a few days ago.
I'm going to put some of them into the Virtual Museum of Small Animals, but I'm also thinking about something like a story, that would be interesting to put on line, with the pictures, some written notes, and why not also Mirko's voice telling about his meeting with the insect.
Many people do not know, but today it can be very easy for anyone, technically, to obtain astonishing images using just our usual, cheap, “low level” devices. I read in the “properties” of the files that the mantis was shot with an “old” Nikon L16, that does not even have a “super”, but only an “ordinary” macro lens! It's above all a question of passion, patience, and will to try it!

I was thinking... too many times the “progress of technology” is only intended by the “common sense” as an easier and smarter way to deal with the same contents of ever, to “consume” data, information as before (reading the paper and to watching television on the cell, for instance).
But it is also very important, especially for teachers and educators (who are responsible for the young), to be aware that, in times when we are filling schools with interactive boards and digital tablets, many of the contents we manage in those devices, are not only to be taken from others, to be bought. But that students and we all can directly produce them: still and moving pictures, sounds, as well as multimedia (that are pictures, sound and text put together) with a good level of quality.
Mirko's mantis, also, help all of us to understand this simple, vital thing, to grow active citizens in the information society.
Bravo Mirko!

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