venerdì 7 dicembre 2012

Our weird pictures on line

As a professional working with children from more than 30 years using every kind of technology, my strong belief is that nowadays very young generations probably need more meadows to run than tablets to touch, in spite of that the conformists think, the huge crowd of flat, market dependent, dull and sad people of the “common” sense!
Personally, I do this way. If in a theory or description I recognise something of the the children I know, I consider that ideas worth of attention. If not, probable other reasons actually drive them.

I have not met Paola in person yet. She should have come to the meeting in Brescia last June, but then it changed its shape and dates and she couldn't. However, I know she works very well, as a teacher interested in a school true and alive. She too deals with technology, at high levels, but one feels that at the centre of every activity she puts the children, as playing and imagining people, far from the stereotypes. This is what I perceive when exchanging ideas and esperiences with her.
From her class a good example of how the caution and the need of respecting privacy publishing photos on line, can be not an may be not an obstacle, but an opportunity to do things even better and with more creativity, and not only with digital solutions!

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