mercoledì 6 gennaio 2016

The Children's Virtual Museum of Small Animals: a call!

We were talking about it during the Olympia Film Festival, last December, and also doing about it, as I actually went out looking for insects and spiders with the kids of primary school of Pyrgos.
There are photos that we are including in the on line site of the Museum, just migrated as a sub-domain of Terra Insieme, and there is a video I am editing now, shot largely by the teachers of that school.
We were talking how to take the idea of the museum out at last from its pioneering and precarious time, lasted too much, giving it a small but steady organization, based in different countries, connected with some festivals of video made by kids, as video is the best mean of communication of what happens when children go out to take the pictures for the Museum.
In Pyrgos, while the productions for kids were screened at the Apollon theatre ( the fictions) and at the Orfeas (the documentaries), the videos of Camera Zizanio festival, the production by kids, were projected in the Conference Hall. There it was presented also the following video, about the works in the garden with the schools of Brescia, 2014. Non-Italians can push on the YouTube button for English subtitles.

Many people said this video is different, because it doesn't tell a story, but shows how photo and video cameras can be used to know the natural world, and how kids actually take part and enjoy that “discovery”. Video with and by kids, home made videos as information, meta-knowledge, maybe towards a new basic literacy on audiovisual means we have not developed yet.

For what concerns the web site of the Museum, I have corrected many errors, but others still remain, and many parts are to be completed, as people and schools join the project. We are claiming for suggestions and corrections, I am not exactly the best webmaster in the world!
I have also spoken with a small international group and now we are thinking how exactly to set up the museum project for working, doing everything better and getting funding for going ahead.

This is a call! If anybody else is interested and brings ideas...

We are expecting also that schools come back, the ones we worked with during latest years and the ones which already sent some pictures or videos, as well as individuals, especially children with their cameras, of course!
The Museum is open!